Agricultural Bearings specific to your Agricultural Equipment

The agricultural industry is constantly demanding equipment that operates longer, faster and harder to increase productivity and efficiency. To keep up with this demand, agricultural OEMs must be innovative in equipment designs and manufacturing processes. Moisture, contamination, vibration and shock loads are just a few of the challenges mechanical components in agricultural applications must overcome. Mechanical Power provides agricultural OEMs with high quality, yet economical components to stay above the competition.


 The Mechanical Power team is proud to offer agricultural bearings for machinery including, but not limited to tillage, seeders, combines and balers. Various designs of disc harrows and cultivators are used in tillage equipment to provide optimal soil conditions. Drills, planters and seeders are used to properly distribute seeds in prepared seedbeds. Combines are used to harvest grain crops by performing reaping, threshing, and winnowing operations. Agricultural balers are used to compress cut and raked crop to make it easy for handling, transportation and storage.

We understand that agricultural equipment is used in harsh environments and bearings for these machineries require better seals, misalignment capabilities and cost-effective shaft and housing mountings. Various seal designs, including triple lip seals prevent lubrication loss and protect against moisture and contamination. Static and dynamic misalignment capabilities compensate for any imprecise mounting surfaces and prevents internal bearing damage. Heavy duty ductile iron mounted housings protect against shock loads, while stamped steel heat treated and plated housings are corrosion resistant.

Agricultural Bearings Supplier for Balers, Combines, & Other Farm Equipment

Mechanical Power’s portfolio of agricultural bearings includes the following:

Round bore
Square bore
Hex bore
Flanged Disc Units
Re-Lubricatable and Permanently Lubricated
Spherical and Cylindrical OD Inserts
Wide and Narrow Inner Ring Inserts

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