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Reverse Engineering Services

What is Reverse Engineering?

In a modern sense, reverse engineering refers to a process that deconstructs and extracts design data for machines, software, and architectural structures. Usually, reverse engineering is used to deconstruct specific components of complex and advanced products.

In 2021, you’d be surprised how common it is to not find an OEM component’s print. Nonetheless, the first course of action of Mechanical Power is to take a component sample and then conduct relevant analysis.

These analyses establish physical dimensions, material properties, and unique features of the component. The idea is to create relevant documentation and source the component as per each customer’s requirements.

Purpose of Reverse Engineering

One of the perks of reverse engineering is that it allows companies to identify viable production tactics and cut back on future research, development material costs altogether. Despite the nature of a component or product, reverse engineering offers manufacturers specific design information.

Reverse engineering is the art of recreating the original design of a component. Oftentimes, blueprints are damaged or lost and reverse engineering restores back the component for companies. As long as you can trace back the original model of any component, you can use reverse engineering to recreate its design and extract insights to contract another model.

Reverse Engineering Use Cases

Replacing or Repairing Legacy Parts
Ordinarily, it would take a significant investment to get the same part. But through the wonder of reverse engineering, companies can put utilize the efforts of 3D scanning to replicate the original design. It’s a digital copy of the design that makes it easy to recreate the component with specific requirements.

Parts Improvement
In many cases, companies use reverse engineering to improve their products. You can also use reverse engineering to perform failure analysis of a specific product or component. A thorough examination of a component through reverse engineering reveals faulty or damaged features of a component.

Run Diagnostics
With reverse engineering, you can run comprehensive diagnostics to solve a specific problem of a product or component. When it comes to industrial-scale sequences and processes that require consistent operational flow, reverse engineering can figure out parts that are underperforming or faulty.

Why Reverse Engineering Matters

Engineers at Mechanical Power understand the process of reverse engineering and are more than capable to figure out the design mechanics of a complex product. In the end, the idea is to help customers re-engineer the same component with utmost precision.

When companies have to replace a specific part and the original equipment manufacturer is out of reach, companies seek out a reverse engineering approach to recreate the product. But Unlike other players in the market, Mechanical Power is capable to reverse engineer custom parts.

And that’s not the end of it – Mechanical Power has wide network access to OEM manufacturers and can engineer custom parts for industrial, agricultural, automotive, and power transmission industries. When there’s no CAD drawing or a blueprint of a component to reengineer, that’s where Mechanical Power comes into the picture.

With Mechanical Power you can:

  • Recreate into existing designs
  • Pinpoint product vulnerabilities
  • Reconstruct an outdated product
  • Brainstorm new ideas and inspire more creative efforts
  • Create a robust CAD model as a blueprint for future use

Reverse Engineering Services from Mechanical Power

The focus of attention for Mechanical Power is to define unique component requirements right from the start. It is the main reason Mechanical Power has a quality in-house lab that can support a variety of instruments and equipment. Engineers at Mechanical Power dive into analytics data to understand the extensive requirements of a component.

Mechanical Power uses a standard CMM and assesses modern equipment through robotic arms that can scan components digitally. In fact, these robotic arms can scan specific sizes and shapes of parts and generate detailed requirements of each part in no time.

In rare cases, Mechanical Power reaches out to third-party sources that can perform metallurgical-based analysis and testing on legacy components.
Mechanical Power takes pride in its proactive approach to render the best reverse engineering services. We are responsive and make the most out of our skilled engineering team to help companies create the most accurate engineered components.

Whether it’s printing a redundant component or recreating a product from manufacturing that is no longer in business, or prototyping a new product, the engineering team at Mechanical Power knows how to meet the specific requirements of each product.

The success of Mechanical Power’s reverse engineering services boils down to its engineering team’s consistent collaboration and coordination. The engineering team offers complete assurance to customers and recreates the original design with a custom touch.

 Reverse Engineering Case Study

In one instance, Mechanical Power formed a business relationship with a major business in the Lawn Care industry. MPI managed to overhaul the entire supply base of the customer with impeccable aftermarket service. Mechanical Power helped the client realize how much extraneous costs they were paying on quality and delivery.

Ultimately, the lawn care client decided to seek out Mechanical Power to create component prints and source their unique products. MP significantly managed to reduce the supplier’s footprint and saved around 30% of costs in their annual budget.

Mechanical Power serves different types of businesses in different industries. The priority of Mechanical Power is to understand the unique requirements of each business and then offer suitable reverse engineering solutions. Whether you want to revere engineer a complex or simple piece of equipment, Mechanical Power conducts thorough analysis.

As technology advances over time, reverse engineering has become more vital for the continuity of modern manufacturing systems. Without access to reverse engineering solutions, businesses will have no choice but to replace the machine and incur high costs.

Through reverse engineering, companies can retain the same product by recreating the failed component. And if the original manufacture is out of business, reverse engineering becomes the only choice for companies to ensure business continuity.

Once you partner with Mechanical Power, you can expect to receive top-tier reverse engineering. Our engineers understand the changing dynamics in the manufacturing industry and help companies maintain their components and market competitiveness.

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Reverse Engineering Services and Best-in-class CMM Equipment

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