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U.S. Based Manufacturing of Industrial Parts

U.S. Based Manufacturing of Industrial Components

Early Adoption of Cost-Effective Regional Sourcing

Mechanical Power distinguished itself in low-cost regional procurement early on, yet our arsenal of U.S. manufacturing partners stands robust. Esteem for American-crafted products is a cornerstone of our sourcing philosophy, a requirement we meet with finesse.

Strategic Partnerships within the U.S.

In the States, our network spans foundries, metal stampers, CNC machining experts, cold forming artisans, polymer injectors, and providers of supplementary services like metal finishing, thermal processing, anodic oxidation, burr removal, and precision waterjet cutting.

Alignment with Client Specifications

Our U.S. manufacturing alignments are fine-tuned to client needs, considering aspects like dimensional precision, production volumes, quality benchmarks, and origin stipulations.

We recognize instances where U.S. craftsmanship holds a global edge in certain parts and applications, a niche we adeptly exploit.

Focus Beyond Country of Origin

For us, the provenance of products is secondary to ensuring a supply chain that empowers Mechanical Power to meet client demands for quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness. We present varied sourcing options to advance our clients’ competitive position.

The Art of Global Sourcing

Global sourcing mastery entails knowing the right manufacturing hubs. The U.S., with its strengths in various manufacturing areas, is a source of pride for us. We leverage our dynamic, diverse U.S. manufacturing base to meet diverse customer needs.

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