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Global. Sourcing. Simplified.

GLOBAL. Adjective: of, relating to, or involving the entire world To be successful, you need a partner that has the ability to source globally as well as domestically to meet your customers’ demands.  Mechanical Power has the factory direct relationships that will...

Exceptional Customer Service Proves Timeless

Where were you in 1976? If you were Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak you were founding the Apple Computer Company; NASA was unveiling the very first completed Space Shuttle, the Enterprise. If you were Jimmy Carter you were winning the Presidential Election that took place...

Who Can Think of a Good Band Name?

If the Power Transmission Distribution Industry were a band, the actual band name needs some work, the PTDA would be their biggest, best, and most organized fan club I have ever seen. The Power Transmission Distribution Association, was formed in 1960. Its membership is composed primarily of distributors and manufacturers of power transmission/motion control products. The PTDA’s employees are some of the most passionate individuals when it…

Holy Interns, Batman

Here in the Chicagoland area, where winters can be especially harsh and long, summertime brings with it an appreciation among us. Along with the sweet smells of cut grass, sun block, and BBQ cookouts, come the young and eager minds of the summer intern. I truly believe any internship program is just as beneficial for the organization as it is for the intern.

Exceptional Engineering Support at MPI: Jibo Zachariah

One of Mechanical Power’s best competitive advantages is our engineers we have on staff both domestically and internationally to act in the best interests of our customers. Since I have been told this is unique for the role we occupy within our industry I thought I might take a moment to discuss with our engineer Jibo Zachariah just why this situation is so important.

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