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Supply Chain Management

Mechanical Power’s core competency is our ability to be an extension of the Sourcing, Procurement, Supply Chain, Engineering and Quality departments of our Original Equipment Manufacturing (“OEM”) and Tier One/Two customers.

Sourcing custom industrial components is always challenging- we help our customers determine the most cost-efficient manufacturing source that will deliver quality products on-time, every-time.

Due to the importance of the products we supply to our customer’s production lines, we put great emphasis in our 9-Step Process to fully understand the customer’s requirements and efficiently communicate to our manufacturing base so that we deliver quality parts, on time and on cost.

Mechanical Power team is very technically strong

Best-in-Class Quality Assurance Team

We have a Quality Assurance Team and an Engineer on-site and are very proud of the technical support we have provided our customers over the past 44 years. We also have boots on the ground abroad to provide local support to our factory partners.

This allows us to resolve the rare production issue on the factory floor before all the time and shipping costs are incurred. Our key employees, regularly visit critical vendors abroad to maintain and enhance these long-term partnerships, vet new supplier prospects, and perform meaningful business reviews.

We regularly monitor our command of the supply chain and hold our manufacturing partners accountable- thereby allowing us to follow through on commitment we have made to our customers.

Our approach to Supply Chain Management

Mechanical Power efficiently manages our supply chain through Quality, Delivery and Cost metrics and KPIs all aimed at improving these metrics for our customers.

Our continuous improvement approach across all aspects of the global supply chain allow us to remain competitive and drive favorable results for our customers year-over-year.

Manufacturers in the United States all have inventory challenges- stocking levels, matching the product performance to the demands of the application, and cost versus quality.

Our team works creatively and strategically to make certain that trade policies, geopolitical issues, freight management issues like dock strikes, and all the other sourcing challenges do not disrupt the timely supply of critically needed production parts for our customers.

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