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“Quality Control: Ensuring High Standards in Manufacturing and Production

As an ISO certified hybrid manufacturer, our quality control throughout the supply chain has set it apart from the competition. We work primarily with TS & IATF certified manufacturers. This coupled with our in house quality assurance protocols and boots on the ground abroad results in world class incoming and outbound quality key performance metrics.

Experienced Quality Department

We make sure we have experienced and knowledgeable team members that are actively inspecting and evaluating incoming product to make sure we deliver only the best quality and conformance to your specifications and applications.

Mechanical Power can save your organization time and money through our inspection process we perform here at our location as well as the standards to which we hold our Suppliers to.

5 steps Quality Check Mechanical Power Arrow
5 steps Quality Check Mechanical Power

Quality Assurance Summary

Capable with all PPAP levels
Facilitate PFMEA and DFMEA analysis
Physically audit and approve manufacturers before partnering
Audit key manufacturers annually
Executive leadership regularly visits key manufacturers
RoHS/REACH compliant
8D quality process – root cause ID & reoccurrence prevention
Committed to VA/VE initiatives on production parts
Reverse engineering – a core competency

In-House Inspection Process

All new suppliers parts are subject to an incoming inspection process at Mechanical Power.

The inspection size is randomly selected and a seasoned inspector verifies that the product conforms to the specification within the drawings and requirements you need.

in-house inspection process