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Custom and Standard Bearing Distributor

Industrial bearing supplier and distributor based in Wauconda, IL,
offering a wide range of industrial bearings utilized in various industries.

Sourcing Bearings from Around the World

We’ll work closely with your team to assess unique demands and identify the best solutions for your job. Contact our team today to discuss bearing selection for your next application.

Industries We Serve

We create precision-crafted bearing solutions for the following industries:

Sourcing Bearings at the Right Price

Our resources and expertise drive meaningful value for clients. More than a typical bearing distributor, we’re a hybrid manufacturer that ensures quality, delivery, and total cost of ownership objectives are consistently met.

Bearings play a crucial role in the transmission of power to motion. Without bearings, there would be no efficient rolling or turning of shafts.  There would be no planes, trains or automobiles. Bearings primarily facilitate a desired motion by minimizing friction.

Bearings come in many different types and classifications to serve a wide variety of industrial purposes.

Our engineering team will work with you to design a custom bearing unit or assist you in selecting the appropriate industrial bearing from our bearing database catalog of un-mounted spherical plain bearings, flange bearings, and pillow block bearings.

Did You Know?

For more than forty years Mechanical Power has been supplying high-quality bearing at competitive prices from around the world. We are best known for sourcing the highest-quality industrial parts at competitive prices from around the world.

Maximize efficiency of your equipment.

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