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Angular Ball Bearings

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What are angular contact bearings?

Angular contact bearings, also known as “spindle bearings,” are used in machinery that requires high accuracy and durability. Because the balls are constantly in contact with both rings, angular contact bearings have a much higher speed rating than radial bearings.

Both radial and axial loads can be carried by angular contact bearings. The load is transferred from one ring to the other via the balls at a specific contact angle.

The contact angle is calculated by intersecting two lines: one at the point of contact between the ball and the ring, and the other from the axis of rotation to the bearing 15° and 25° contact angles are the most common but other angles can be customizes as needed.

For our high-precision ball bearings, we also provide customization options.


Angular contact bearings options we offer:

  • Material for the cage
  • Contact angle of the ball
  • Preload
  • Seal(s)
  • Lubrication
  • Installation tolerance strategies that are specific
Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular contact bearings features and benefits:

High Quality Steel – Bearing life extended by up to 80% with Ultra clean steel

Advanced Grease Technology – Special lubricants can extend grease life and increase performance

High Grade Balls – Smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds

Super Finished Raceways – Specially refined to reduce noise and improve lubricant distribution

Contact Angle – Available in 15, 25, 30 and 40 degree angles

Patented Seals – Prevent contamination in the toughest environments

Cages – Available in a range of polyamide, steel and brass cage assemblies

Single Versus Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings

As previously mentioned, angular contact bearings are usually mounted in a group of two or more opposed preloaded units with rigid or elastic spacers. This can be done by matching up multiple single row bearings or by utilizing double row angular contact bearings which may offer some economic benefits. However, utilizing multiple single sow angular contact ball bearings can offer greater design flexibility and performance in many cases.

If you need angular contact ball bearings for your equipment, contact your Mechanical Power specialist to discuss your specific application and determine what type of angular contact ball bearings is right for you.

Once we determine the type of bearings you need, we will source angular contact ball bearings through our partnerships with top manufacturers, saving you time and money in the process.

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