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Better Product Quality With A Cost Savings

We consistently run across situations where our customers are running into issues importing product themselves and receiving poor quality, long leads times, and inconsistent communication and are not sure how to resolve it. Mechanical Power specializes in exactly these situations to provide top quality components at a competitive cost and with less time and effort spent by your organization to get what you need when you need it.

We Need Mechanical Power’s Help…

In this situation one of our customers was importing a roller chain that was of average to poor quality and was having problems with the chain not consistently performing to the needs of their application. This was creating a lot of headaches and frustration.

We Helped Re-Engineer What They Needed…

With our expert global product sourcing team of professionals in engineering, quality, and consulting we were able to listen to the customers needs and re-engineer their bearings to their exact specifications. We were also able to upgrade their tolerance from an ABEC 1 to an ABEC 3.

We Used Our Excellent Relationships To Their Benefit…

Once Mechanical Power’s team was finished consulting with our international supplier we were able to acquire exactly what our customer needed with better tolerance. This improved the quality of the bearing for less than what they were paying for their original part they were sourcing themselves.

Better Quality With Savings…

Using Mechanical Power’s team this customer was able to acquire a bearing of better quality with a shorter lead time all with a cost savings of about 15%.

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