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Quality product sourcing and supply

MPI’s Quality Department Saves the Day

We work very hard to make sure all of our customer drawings and required specifications are up to date so we are certain we are sourcing and sending the correct product every single time. Often, as will happen, we have situations where products we have sourced are for some reason not properly performing on our customers application.

Experience Reigns Supreme…

Our experienced Quality Manager took one step further and asked for a sample of the shaft for which our product was being mounted. Our customer sent over the shaft and we proceeded to check the measurement and specifications of it as well as its interaction with our product and discovered that is was the shaft that was being produced out of specification from their controlled drawing. At the time the shaft was being supplied to them by one of our competitors.

A New Product That Isn’t Working…

In this situation we had just started supplying a new product for one of our existing customers who reached out to us upon receiving their new components and informed us that they were not fitting on their application.

Quality Issue Identified…

Once we informed our customer of our findings they were grateful we took the extra time to solve their issue and impressed with our Quality Department’s ability to proactively take the initiative to solve their problem. So grateful in fact that we are now their supplier for the shaft as well as the unit they mount upon it.

MPI’s Quality Team Will Solve Your Problem…

Our expert quality department sprang into action and pulled the drawing we had on file and started checking all measurements and tolerances. Once our inspection was complete we did not find any part of the product we were supplying to be non-conforming to the drawing to which we were assured was the most recent up to date document.

Consolidated Suppliers with a Cost Saving…

Not only did we extend our expertise in our Quality Department to help them solve their problem but we saved them time and money by consolidating suppliers for both parts. Contact us to see how we can save you time and money by helping you solve your quality issues.

How Can We Save You Time and Money on Your Sourced Products

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