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Beyond the Call of Customer Service

To better customize excellent product delivery to our customers most shipping instructions are customer driven and we go to great length to prepare, package, and deliver product to our customers’ very specifications which include the exact shipping companies and methods to utilize for both ground and LTL shipments.

We Kept Them Running…

Simultaneously, we sent out a duplicate shipment for next day delivery so they did not have a lapse in product while we worked to recover the shipment that was misplaced by the trucking company. In the end we were able to located the missing shipment by our customer’s trucking company, organize its eventual delivery to our customer, send them product in the meantime to keep their operation running, and save our customer time and money for solving their dilemma.

​We Saved Them Time and Money…

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Where Is Our Product…

In this one particular situation we set up a large LTL shipment for one of our customers and sent it to them per their very instructions with the trucking company of their choice who came and picked up their shipment from our location to deliver to them. They reached out to their dedicated Account Manager at Mechanical Power the following day and informed him that their product never showed up to their location.

​We Found Their Product Shipment…

Their Mechanical Power Account Manager contacted their desired trucking company to inquire about the delivery and was able to obtain the proof of delivery signed by our customer’s receiving department and tracking number for said shipment that was missing and discovered that the trucking company delivered to them the wrong pallet. We went even further to track down their missing product shipment with multiple phone calls to the trucking organization and found their missing shipment at the trucking company’s cross dock location.

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