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High-pressure nozzles bring ease and efficiency to processes like washing and painting large items such as tanks. Before making a purchasing decision, it’s crucial to get familiar with the product specifications.

At Mechanical Power, we offer a wide gamut of spray nozzles.
Here we will guide you through the nozzle types and performance options.

Types of Nozzles

There are several types of nozzles available on the market; each of which are suitable to certain industries and applications.

Hollow Cone Nozzles

Hollow cone nozzles are available in three different patterns including tangential, axial, and spirals. These are capable of working in a ring and produce paint or any material in a droplet form. They are suitable for medium to low spraying.

Misting Nozzles

Misting fog nozzles are available in three patterns, spiral misting, impingement misting, and small office. The droplets coming out of this nozzle are fine and invisible to a user. It sprays mist at 5 bars and fog at 15 bars. It’s suitable to use for moistening and evaporating applications.

Full Cone Nozzles

A full cone nozzle is capable of spraying any material in a firm form. It has four different patterns, full cone spiral, full cone tangential, axial whirl, and full cone air atomizing. These nozzles are appropriate to use on various applications that require consistent coverage and a smooth pattern. Choose the right type and start working.

Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Suitable for tank cleaning purposes due to a 360-degree spraying technique. It’s appropriate for hygienic and medical applications due to high pressure. They are available in six patterns, spray ball, IBC cleaning, fast cycle rotary jet, spray balls, and static nozzles.

Flat Fan Nozzles

Flat fan nozzles are suitable for producing a fine line of any material and are appropriate for various applications. This design offers three different patterns a Hydraulic flat fan, air actuated fan, and air atomizing nozzle. You can choose the pattern type according to the current requirement of covering the surface.

Solid Stream Nozzles

Solid stream have two patterns: standard, and enhanced laminar flow design. This type delivers spray in a form of a dot and are suitable for cleaning applications. Smooth delivery offers a smooth and professional look to any surface.

Special Nozzles

Special nozzles are not compatible with all devices, and they are suitable for special applications. Their four patterns design include spray dry, air blow off, mixing eductor, and firefighting.

Spillback Nozzle

Spillback nozzle sprays material in the form of dots with a stable flow. The turndown rate of the nozzle is limited and may not be efficient. It may not cool down the application and depends on the factor rate. Spillback nozzles are uncommon, and people generally avoid them due to low coverage.

Eductor Nozzles

When you need to mix the fluids, educator nozzles are the right product to fit your equipment. It makes the substance set in a motion and pumps out the material from another side. It’s suitable for industrial grade applications.

When selecting nozzles for your next project, ensure that it has all the features you seek. Get help from our friendly staff at Mechanical Power. Our team can help you select the right nozzle in just a few minutes.

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