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What are Screw Machine Parts?


Screw Machines are a class of automatic lathes used for high volume manufacturing of parts that are turned out of metal bar stock.  Screw Machines are highly automated using either cams or computerized controls and require little human intervention once they are up and running.  Screw Machines can be single or multiple spindle depending on the volume of parts to be run and the complexity.

The name “screw machine” is sort of odd since the machines generally don’t make screws.  The parts a screw machine produces are mostly high-volume parts that can be set up to run on the machine for a long time with minimal human interaction.  The raw material is typically bar stock that is fed through the spindle and gripped by a collet, and the end of the bar is machined (drill, thread, grind, hine, etc.) to form the part. The part is separated from the bar stock once it is formed and the bar is fed forward into the collet to repeat the operations. Screw machines may have a pulling mechanism to feed the bar stock or a roller bar that feeds the bar stock by pushing it through.

Typical screw machine products include:

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