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Custom and industry standard bushing distributor

Mechanical Power is an industry leader for a wide range of custom and industry standard bushings throughout the power transmission industry. Our manufacturing partners have the capabilities to produce with bar stock, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, and sintered steel.

From bike frames to cars, we have a wide range of power transmission bushings available at an unbeatable price. Find out why customers choose us as their go-to bushing distributor.

We have also helped customers with special plating options depending on your application. Ex: nickel plated coating for car wash applications.

Custom and industry standard bushings

Advantages of Quick Disconnect (QD) Bushings

Product Description: Quick-Disconnect (QD) Bushings are the perfect way to secure your sprockets and pulleys without having to key the shaft. This eliminates the need for any manual alignment tools and time consuming adjustments, making installation easy and quick—saving you time and money!

Our bushings feature a unique, spiral knurled design that mates easily with compatible QD sprockets and pulleys of the same style. Simply insert your shaft into the bore of the bushing, tighten the included screws, and feel as it pulls into its seat. Your connection is secure with no need for alignment tools or adjustments!


Easy to Install: Eliminate alignment tools & precision adjusts
Unique Spiral Knurls Design: Perfect fit for mating parts
Hardened Steel Construction: Strong grip on motor shafts


Save Time – Easier setup saves time & money
Secure Connection: Eliminates chances for wobbling, misalignments & noise
Interchangeability: The same QD bushings can be used on various sprockets & pulleys of the same size

Advantages of Taper-Lock Bushings

The Taper-Lock Bushing System provides secure, low clearance shaft mounting for sprockets, pulleys and other power transmission components. Constructed with a left justified hub design to reduce length through bore dimensions and a split flange with gradual taper that secure to the shaft with an interference clamp fit. Studies have shown that in some applications the interference fit can be up to 50% greater than shrink fit.


Left justified hub design allows for increased shaft mount stability while reducing center of load dimension
Split flange design with gradual taper allows for superior clamping tension
Can withstand excessive shock loads due to their high radial force capabilities


Easy installation and requiring no special equipment such as press or heat guns as there is with shrink fits
Ideal for applications where real estate is at a premium
Maintenance free after installation


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