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Plastic Molded Parts

Mechanical Power specializes in taking the hassle out of global sourcing industrial products for our OEM customers.  We can help your company source any product needed from a variety of different manufacturers around the world. Most of the power transmission products we source like roller bearings, sprockets, gears and chain are traditionally made from metals.  However, there has been a tremendous increase in these products being made from plastics as the performance attributes of plastic molded parts continue to improve.

Injection molding is still the most common modern method of manufacturing plastic products and is ideal for producing high volumes while maintaining tight quality tolerances.

Injection Molding Process

Thermoplastic resin pellets are used for plastic injection molding processes.  In the simplest terms, the pellets are heated into a molten form and then are forced into a mold cavity using a ram or screw-type plunger.   Molds can be a single cavity or multiple cavities (each cavity can be similar or different from each other.)  Because a mold generally needs to be separated (or opened) at the end of the process, it is normal to have parting lines, gate marks, and ejector pin marks on the final part.  These undesirable natural results of the injection molding process can be minimized or eliminated through the skillful creation of the mold or secondary operations.

If you have a part that is perfect for plastic injection molding, please contact your Mechanical Power representative to discuss alternatives and options.  We can source any plastic molded parts you need and save you time and money in the sourcing process.

Take the hassle out of global sourcing.

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