What is 6″ Overhead Conveyor Chain?

Heavy Duty 6” Overhead conveyor chain consists of machined wheels with precision allow caged bearings. Engineered for maximum flexibility and improved efficiencies. Alternating vertical wheels and lateral roller units on 6” center.

Overhead Conveyor Chain, Steel, 10 ft. Overall Length, Includes Connecting Pin, Bushing, and Cotter Pin for Connecting to Next Piece of Chain in the System, Length 10 Ft, Machined Steel Wheels with Caged Bearings


Pitch: 6”
Dimension (D): 2.19”
Dimension (E): 3. 00”
Dimension (F): 2.97”
Dimension (T): 12”

Conveyor Chain specifications

Standard Packaging

Custom Packaging Available Per Request

Available In:

10” Sections
50” Sections
300” Section


Automotive Industry
Retail Industry
Food and Beverage
Airport Industry

Overhead Conveyors

Overhead Conveyor Chains

The overhead conveyor’s carriers enable easy access to the products being transported. The overhead conveyor chain is commonly used to move heavy components across assemblies. As an alternative to other conveyors, the overhead conveyor has directional flexibility and a basic, durable construction.

Overhead Conveyor Chain for Automotive Industry

Overhead Conveyor Chain for Food and Beverage Industry

Overhead Conveyor Chain for Retail Industry

Overhead Conveyor Chain for Airport Industry

Maximize the efficiency of your overhead conveyor system.

MPI is a leading overhead conveyor chain distributor for Automotive, Retail, Food/Beverage and Airport Industries. We provide superior engineering, fabrication, and sale of overhead conveyor chain.

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