Conveyors are exceptional in their productivity enhancement for manufacturing and distribution operations and making sure they continue to perform optimally with minimal to no breakdowns should start right from the beginning with your conveyor components.

Here are 5 pieces of advice to achieve an optimal conveyor system and keep your organization up and running:

1 Order as many conveyor parts as you can from the same supplier.

There are many benefits you receive when you stick with the same supplier for multiple components within your conveyor system especially with Mechanical Power. Our quality department will personally inspect your components and our engineer will review your drawings and specifications to make sure your system will function exceptionally.

We will work with you to forecast your component needs for the future and make sure we have spare stock and parts available for you that we can ship to you right away. Also, a consolidated supplier means one contact point for multiple needs saving your organization time and money coordinating efforts across multiple organizations.

2 Choose a conveyor parts supplier who employs an engineer to support you business.

Many suppliers you will find are only able to provide you with stock components for your conveyor system off the shelf. Rarely do these same suppliers employ engineering experts to help you solve any issues you are currently having or, even better, identify possible future pitfalls you might run into and help you put preventative measures in place.

Usually this means your organization will need to hire a highly skilled engineer for this purpose. At Mechanical Power we separate ourselves from the competition by employing engineers to help our customers with any technical questions they need answered.

3 Keep spare parts in stock and work with a supplier who can help you store your stock.

Even if you do all the above, conveyors are like any other machine – sometimes prone to breakdowns. If yours dies in the middle of the third shift, and all it takes is a replacement conveyor part you better either have that part available to you in your own facility or work with a supplier who specilizes in inventory management, as Mechanical Power does, and send you replacements fast. If you didn’t buy the conveyor and don’t have that list, call us and we can help you identify your part needs.

4 Do the recommended preventative maintenance.

Your conveyor manuals will tell you what is needed and when. Make it happen. Or, schedule an independent maintenance group to come do it. You can use and abuse conveyor for long periods of times and it will run. But will it run when you need it most, during your rush times? Maintaining it means that it will be rolling at critical times.

5 Keep a maintenance log.

No, really. Understanding what has been done – and when – is a key to conveyor performance. Again, conveyors are as important as production machinery. It’s just that they are sometimes treated as an “accessory” and don’t get the focus. This is a particularly good practice in multi-shift operations.


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