Whether you need a hard-to-find replacement cylinder or have a unique configuration that requires a fully custom solution, we have the design, engineering, and manufacturing resources that will deliver the performance and durability you need.

Hydraulic cylinder application database

Our database includes 40+ years of industry data for quick and accurate part identification.

Hydraulic Cylinders Parts

Telescopic Dump Truck Hydraulic Cylinders

When you have an application that requires customized, high-performance hydraulics, trust Mechanical Power for all your custom replacement hydraulic cylinder needs. Our team of hydraulic experts and engineers are ready to design your hydraulic cylinder that meets your application requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Mechanical Power has immeasurable experience supplying domestic and foreign Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hydraulics. Our high-grade aftermarket hydraulic cylinders are engineered and designed for superior performance versus the original equipment.

Hydraulic Cylinders New Arrivals

Hydraulic Cylinder Supplier

As a full-line supplier of hydraulic cylinders and component parts, our advanced hydraulic cylinders focus on customer-specific hydraulic application needs.

Expert Customer Service

Mechanical Power is a customer focused company. Whether it is keeping the right parts in stock or developing new,  hydraulic cylinders, we strive to offer the best-in-class replacement hydraulic cylinders for all your next application needs.

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