These state-of-the-art Hydraulic Drive Systems are becoming a standard for Portable Chutes. Heavy duty hydraulic motors, running off of a powerful battery pack give this drive system the muscle it needs to maneuver in some of the most difficult places.

Hydraulic cylinders such as MD 5″ bore x 36 1/4″ stroke accumulator specifications, are utilized in Hydraulic Gate Racks, Hydraulic Drive Systems and Hydraulic Rear Doors. MPI specializes in sourcing parts for Agriculture Machinery Systems.


What is sourcing in supply chain management?

We use sourcing and procurement interchangeably. Supply Chain Management includes the entire process from identifying a customer requirement to delivery of that customer part on time, every time, of the quality that they require.

Sourcing or Procurement is a piece of Supply Chain Management and is primarily dedicated to identifying the right factory source that can make the product to the customer’s specifications. Once the right vendor is “sourced”, Mechanical Power “procures” the product for the customer.

What are the benefits of Global Parts Sourcing?

Global sourcing involves buying services, products or materials from suppliers or manufacturers from outside your own country. Although sourcing domestically has a number of advantages – namely, faster logistics, improved production control and a shorter time to bring goods to market, overseas sourcing offers numerous advantages too.

What are the advantages of global sourcing?

Global sourcing is a crucial tool for a domestic manufacturer to be price competitive in a global market.

What Industries do you source parts and components for?

MPI sources components and parts for industries such as: Agriculture, Conveyor Systems, Packaging, and many other industries.

How Can MPI Help You?

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