Meet Carlos Moreno, the Warehouse Manager at Mechanical Power. In this role, Carlos oversees the day-to-day operations of the warehouse to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Maintaining a Safe, Organized, and Productive Environment

Carlos’ primary focus is on creating a safe, organized, and productive working environment for his team. He ensures that all activities are in compliance with Mechanical Power’s policies, regulations, and industry standards.

Parts Inventory

As part of his role, Carlos manages the parts inventory and ensures accurate stock levels at all times. He uses a variety of tools, including Business Edge ERP, to track the movement of parts in and out of the warehouse and ensure that there is enough stock to meet customer demand.

Working Closely with Sales and Purchasing Teams

Carlos also works closely with the sales and purchasing team to ensure that orders are received and shipped out on time and that the necessary parts are available to meet customer needs.

Warehouse Team

As the manager, Carlos is responsible for hiring, training, and supervising the warehouse staff. He ensures that everyone is fully trained and equipped to carry out their tasks safely and effectively.

Management Team Meetings

As a warehouse manager, I am actively involved in management team meetings. In these meetings, I communicate company updates, goals, and expectations. Additionally, I use this opportunity to provide feedback and recognition to my team.

Safety and Security Measures

Ensuring the safety and security of the warehouse is of utmost importance to me. To achieve this, we conduct regular safety inspections and provide training on the use of equipment and hazardous materials. We also have emergency response plans in place. I work closely with local authorities and other stakeholders to ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations.

Collaboration with Other Departments

Carlos Moreno at work
I work closely with other departments such as Sales, Supply Chain, and Quality to ensure that we are aligned with the overall goals and objectives of Mechanical Power. Our team supports industrial equipment manufacturers across various sectors such as agriculture, truck equipment, conveying equipment, automotive, and more.


As a warehouse manager, my role is critical to the success of the company. It is my responsibility to ensure that the warehouse runs smoothly, efficiently, and safely. At Mechanical Power, we take pride in our work, and our customers, suppliers, employees, and their families benefit from it.

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