Ball intake valves are a basic piece of equipment used in firefighting industry. These parts provide a path for water as it moves from your water source, a firefighting apparatus, hydrant, or alternative water supply to your pump’s intake. 

A Drain Housing Unit in a Ball Intake Valve is a component that provides a means of draining water from the valve body to prevent damage caused by freezing.

Ball Intake Valves are typically installed in water supply lines and are used to control the flow of water into a building or other structure. These valves are designed to allow water to flow in one direction, while preventing backflow.

Ball intake valve

The Drain Housing Unit is typically located at the bottom of the valve body, and it contains a small drain valve that can be opened to release any water that may accumulate in the valve body.

This prevents the water from freezing and expanding, which could cause damage to the valve body.

In addition to the Drain Housing Unit, Ball Intake Valves may also have other components such as a ball, stem, and seals. These components work together to control the flow of water and prevent backflow.

We use Machining method used to produce these specific aluminum parts. This involves cutting, drilling, and shaping the metal using a variety of tools and equipment, such as lathes, milling machines, and drills. Machining process is ideal for producing parts with precise dimensions and complex shapes.

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