Equipping a company to excel in a changing business landscape isn’t just about day-to-day tasks. Successful company needs a savvy workforce with the mindset to take on new challenges and embrace new ways of working. To future-proof the workforce, companies such as Mechanical Power are investing in new training strategies.

We are a growing organization, taking on new challenges and expanding our abilities. As manufacturing industry in the United States is taking lessons from the Automotive Industry, Advanced Quality Planning, PPAP’s, and extensive Quality Documents are becoming commonplace in agriculture and conveyance industries.

“Manufacturing world progresses to greater product planning and management, it is our responsibility to progress with it,” says Zack. Mechanical Power as an organization is rife with teams and employees that possess great deal of knowledge and skills, which has been demonstrated for over 40 years. Foray into project management is one way to adapt to changing and challenging environments.

This program covered cycles for product design and development, but ideas behind life cycles and the progress of a project are scalable to the frame of reference for Mechanical Power.

New skills acquired:

  • Project Life Cycles
  • Scope Planning
  • Organizational Planning/Structure
  • Managing tasks rather than product features
  • Scheduling and executing effective meetings
  • Project System Support
  • Managing internal resources, customer requirements/requests, costs, and risk among others

Zack’s project management skill set will enable us to keep up with constantly changing business landscape and provide quality service to customers in multiple industries.

Daniel Szwed - Marketing Manager
Mechanical Power, Inc.

Daniel Szwed

Resourceful and innovative Marketing Pro, with 20+ years of progressive experience in the marketing and creative technology industry. Responsible for digital and traditional marketing efforts that promotes brand awareness, increases engagement, and drives revenue.