North American importers have recently seen unique headwinds with inbound logistics which are expected to continue through the holiday season. Both equipment and onboard vessel capacity have been in shortage. Most carriers are accepting bookings with the caveat there is a possibility of the container being “rolled”.

This suggests they are warning that the booking may get delayed to subsequent week’s sail. In some cases, we are seeing shipments get rolled multiple weeks. Things have reached a problematic level for everyone importing from China via ocean.

The port of Shanghai is Mechanical Power’s main port of departure. Shanghai is also one of the largest and busiest ports in the world meaning the issues are maximized due to the sheer volume of goods passing through the port. These challenges are due to COVID, increased volume due to the upcoming holiday season and companies looking to bring in goods before the Chinese New Year.

Stateside, particularly at Mechanical Power’s main ports of entry such as LA/Long Beach, there are long wait times for truckers picking up or returning containers which is caused by inadequate chassis capacity. Please keep these logistical challenges in mind when managing open orders and your demand, in general. Mechanical Power is taking every necessary precaution to maintain continuity of On-Time supply for all customers.

We are working with both freight forwarders and our suppliers to make this difficult time less painful for our customers. While this effort isn’t much fun, it is why we exist to help customers Take the Hassle out of Global Sourcing.

Daniel Szwed

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