Billet LT4 Supercharger Lid

Billet LT4 Supercharger Lid

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Billet LT4 Supercharger Lid for Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Cadillac CTS-V 

MPI has developed an easy to install LT4 supercharger lid upgrade. Developed in partnership with a USA machine shop, this unique supercharger lids offers easy to install performance enhancement to your vehicle.

LT4 supercharger lid delivers louder whine and a custom look that will set your vehicle apart from the others at Cars and Coffee!

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  • 2015 – 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
  • 2016 – 2023 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
  • 2016 – 2019 Cadillac CTS-V

MPI has developed a performance custom LT4 supercharger lid in partnership with a USA machine shop. We share a common passion for modern muscle cars and wanted to create unique supercharger lids that offer performance enhancements to your vehicle, louder supercharger whine and a custom look that will set your vehicle apart from the others at Cars and Coffee!

Our LT4 lid reuses OEM gaskets and can be easily swapped out in less than 15 minutes on your car.

LT4 supercharger lid/cover specs

We offer these lids in custom powder coat colors as well as anodized finish. Our lid’s design entails minimal interference on the underside, thus allowing more air to go in the same direction. Power gains resulted in +11 RWHP and +14 RWTQ on a Hole Shot Mustang Dyno on an otherwise stock motor and stock tune in a 2017 Corvette Z06. The boost is available quicker and is more consistent through the power band.

Our lid made an increase in about .25-.5 lbs. of boost. The lid generates better flow and causes more knock detection on the stock tune which results in ~1 degree of timing retard and power back. Finally, the additional whine of the blower is intoxicating!

Check out our video to listen to the MPI LT4 supercharger lid/cover in action! 

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 2.5 in

Anodized, Powder Coat, Machined Finish, Polished Aluminum


Black, Blade Silver, Blue, Charcoal Night, Gray, Green, Laguna Blue, Plain, Racing Yellow, Red, Shark Gray, Silver, Torch Red, Watkins Glen Gray, Wet Charcoal, White


Does my car need a tune after MPI Supercharger Lid installation?

No. Your vehicle does not need a tune after lid installation.
There are no issues with hood liners and our lid. Lid fits without any modifications.
Yes, You can use existing lid gasket, however we recommend purchasing a new gasket with our lid. We recommend: Supercharger Housing Cover Bolt Gasket - GM (12642745) and  Supercharger Housing Cover Perimeter Gasket - GM (12642744)
Installation Process 1. Make sure the engine is cool before you begin 2. Open the hood and locate the stock supercharger lid 3. Remove it by unscrewing the bolts that secure it in place 4. Remove the stock lid and set it aside 5. Install new gasket on the new lid and make sure it's properly fitted 6. Secure the new lid in place by tightening the bolts 7. Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes to ensure everything is functioning correctly Video Installation Instructions: Link to pdf:

18 reviews for Billet LT4 Supercharger Lid

  1. Tom Dixon

    Lid sounds great. It is far louder on my ZL1 then it was on my ZO6. I ended up getting Anodized with logo.

  2. Joshua Courtis

    I went on FB and read through some forums and found the top 4 options to be MPI, DSX, NX, and Weapon X. They all are pretty close in sound and looks but MPI does have better color choices. The final decision came down to price, customer support and military support.

  3. Kenneth Grover

    Love the design. Noticeably improved whine on my ZL1.

  4. Rodney Good

    Lid fits and looks great. Very good customer service and it shipped out fast. Haven’t been able to drive it yet because of winter so I can’t comment on that part of it.

  5. Peter F. Serrao

    Great product, fine design, and quality workmanship.

  6. Rod

    My Z06 with MPI supercharger lid performs great. No extra tuning needed. Power + Torque + Whine = Win!

  7. Jeff S.

    Great pricing, fit, finish, shipping speed, zero issues. Sounds and looks great! you can definitely hear the whine now on a stock supercharger.

  8. Dave Jones

    Incredible Quality and attention to detail! Fitment was perfect and I like the horsepower gains along with a little more whine out of the supercharger!

  9. Armando Cardiel

    I am so glad that I made the right choice on buying MPI Lid. I was considering on other manufactures but their Lids didn’t stand out like MPI Lids did. Love the design the quality, I get a lot of people asking about the lid, It really looks good on my ZL1 love and the way she whines. Thank you Brent your awesome!

  10. Gary Palma

    I purchased a black anodized lid. I’m very impressed with the quality of the lid. It really makes the engine compartment stand out. Installation is pretty easy. I used a brake bleeder wrench from NAPA for the 2 rear bolts that are difficult to reach. Other than that, it’s a simple installation.

  11. TJ Moschetti

    1st..this was the best customer service I have ever had from any company period. Now onto the lid, install was so simple if you can use a wrench and a 10Mm socket you can do the install. 2nd—Z06 had 21k gasket was in good shape, didn’t need one purchased one anyway. When you switch gasket OR buy new one , DO NOT feel the need to stretch the gasket in place. (You will have about an inch left) so just lay it on top and push into the grove don’t stretch around the lid.

    2nd—back bolts are harder. You DO have enough room to lift up on the window wiper shield to get a socket onto bolts.

    3rd—there are small black bolt guides inside the bolt holes of the factory lid (push them out ), you can use these around ALL perimeter holes in the new lid they perfectly guide the new bolts in, you do NOT need them in the middle 4 bolts.

    4th—factory spec is to tighten bolts in star pattern to 7.5 to 8 ft lbs torque specs.

    5th perfect fit.. you DO NOT need a 17+ hood liner. And lastly I did not expect to actually hear the supercharger whine, but I can hear it more inside the car at boost for sure. I also personally verified 1.4 additional pounds of boost. This is by far the best looking and functional mod I have done yet! (FYI with new gasket took total of 30 min)

  12. Carlos Martinez

    Lid is great 100%, best price and quality, also the Customer Service was excellent, I talked to this gentleman to which one he will recommend based on the color of my car and we match the color perfectly, bought it and was delivered the next day. Thanks to the MPI team I’m ready for this summer!

  13. BJ

    Fit and finish is flawless. Great supercharger lid, especially if you own a 2015 C7.

  14. AJ Machaevich

    Absolutely, one of the nicest mod I have made to my Vette. It just give you a slight more SC Whine. I seems to give you a fair HP bump. Blue Anodized worked great with my Laguna Blue Z06. Price was fair. Just be mindful of torque on those bolts. Doesn’t take much to get to 8in lbs.
    Well designed – Performance Enhancer – Look Great !!!

  15. Paul Bore

    Absolutely excellent product made with quality easy installation perfect figment and sound and performs amazing. I am extremely happy with this product and strongly recommend it for anyone with an lt4. Currently own 2015 z06 and it sounds awesome.

  16. Jordan

    This lid is built well and fits good. It is a little tight under the hood on the side closest to the windshield as it left a line above the hood insulator on the actual underside of the hood that I was able to wipe off. Sound seems to be much more noticeable than the stock lid but will update this comment after I have more time with the lid on the car.

    MPI has great customer service so if you have any issues with your lid, they will fix it.

    This lid is probably the best on the market for what it does. If you’re not interested in adding nitrous to your car (which is some people’s reason for getting another lid that has nitrous injection ports), this lid beats the rest.

  17. Justin C

    I was definitely skeptical after buying this. After I put it on today, I’ve noticed an insane difference in the sound of the supercharger and also a power increase. This company is great. I ordered the lid and it was here the next day. I would recommend this to anyone that has a LT4 under their hood.

  18. Jamie Dery

    I’ve been contemplating buying an MPI lid for months now. Not an inexpensive mod, and the only reasons I wanted it were, sound and looks. I got both. If you are hesitating on buying this, don’t. This MPI lid makes the LT4 blower sound as good as it can. The titanium bolt add on was helpful with the allen wrench tops – made the firewall bolts much easier to install than just a 10mm stock bolts. Not sure if it’s just my happiness to finally hear the blower whine, but car seems to have smoother acceleration. Either way, not sad to have spent almost $900 on the lid and bolts given what I got.

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