If the Power Transmission Distribution Industry were a band, the actual band name needs some work, the PTDA would be their biggest, best, and most organized fan club I have ever seen. The Power Transmission Distribution Association, was formed in 1960. Its membership is composed primarily of distributors and manufacturers of power transmission/motion control products. The PTDA’s employees are some of the most passionate individuals when it comes to supporting and providing their membership with the resources they need to succeed and Mechanical Power is glad to be a part of it.

Who Can Think of a Good Band NameI recently had the pleasure to get to know the organization better by speaking to Brenda Holt, the Director of Membership. She has been with the PTDA for 31 years and I was moved by her reverence for our industry and her dedication to carrying out the PTDA’s mission of support for it. “Our members are some of the most passionate, sincere, and helpful people I have ever known” said Brenda. “My favorite part of our annual conference is walking into the welcome reception. I can literally feel the hair on my arms stand up from the electricity in the room when members get together to talk about their business with others who understand them”.

Currently the PTDA has 175 Distributors and 190 North American based manufacturers, including Mechanical Power Inc. “The Power Transmission/Motion Control Distribution industry is the most underestimated 54 billion dollar industry that no one knows about” said Brenda. Upon further reflection over my conversation with Brenda I like to equate our entire industry to the act of walking. It is an unconscious act done to provide us with the easiest form of transportation while easily taken for granted; but upon the first sign of distress, it’s devastating effects consume all functions of daily living and has a ripple effect that will impact facets of your daily life you never thought it could. It is because of our industry that we enjoy the many advantages of living in an industrialized nation.

Mechanical Power is proud to call ourselves a member of the PTDA. We are taking full advantage of the many excellent resources they have to offer including: recruiting tools, business articles, industry advocacy, networking, educational courses, statistical data, and much more. Now all we need is a really good band name for some t-shirts for Brenda and her crew; How about Motion Control of the Million or Power Ballad of Distribution. I am dying to hear some of your suggestions.

If you would like to learn more about the PTDA please visit their website at PTDA.org. And if you would like to learn more about Mechanical Power (of course you would, who wouldn’t) you can visit our website at mechanicalpower.net.

Daniel Szwed

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