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As we fast approach the holiday buying season this year I am sure you have heard about the fear from brick and mortar retailers of competing with online options especially Amazon. With the increase in online purchasing we have seen the increasing demand for material movement and processing systems.

This has lead to a growth in industrial conveyor systems and in more industries than just online retailing. Automotive, food and beverage, manufacturing, and others are on the ascent in an economy finally recovering after the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

This has lead to an increased demand for efficient conveyor technologies and conveyor manufacturers.

Motorized Roller Conveyor

Conveyor Industry Trends

Advancing technology, an increase in choices for raw materials, and stricter environmental regulations have proven to be a catalyst for changing trends in how these systems are being built.

Omnidirectional belts are an example of new technology where material rests on free-spinning rollers versus a belt surface. The cost of raw materials like steel has been on the rise, due to increases in demand without corresponding supply increases.

For this reason, cost-effective materials like aluminum are increasingly popular.

The industries that were reported to have the greatest need for sophisticated conveyor systems have been automotive, food and beverage, metal working, and pharmaceutical*.

This growth is great news and will positively impact many facets of the material movement industry and related fields. We at MPI are looking forward to seeing and experiencing the positive effects of this news as I am sure are some of our customers.

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