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Here in the Chicagoland area, where winters can be especially harsh and long, summertime brings with it an appreciation among us. Along with the sweet smells of cut grass, sun block, and BBQ cookouts, come the young and eager minds of the summer intern. I truly believe any internship program is just as beneficial for the organization as it is for the intern.

This year we happily welcomed three interns into our internship program. Daniel, Alex, and Jack. All three men were a pleasure to have around the office.

Daniel was our IT department guru and worked on many IT projects around the office. He did an excellent job streamlining our IT suppliers and processes. Daniel is a student at Augustana and has a graduation date in May of 2019. He is studying Computer Science and Mathematics and would love to work in the field of cryptocurrency as a programmer. His favorite things about working for MPI is the close-knit group of people who work there and our ability to always be asking if we can be doing thing better.

Jack was an intern in our Engineering Department. He worked closely with our engineering staff on all day to day engineering issues. Jack is a student at University of Madison-Wisconsin and is studying Mechanical Engineering. He is expected to graduate in May of 2019. He would like to start his career in business and engineering for a large manufacturing firm. His favorite things about working for MPI was meeting his “Best Friend Forever” in our main engineer here at MPI, Jibo Zachariah, and the ability he had to experience how the work he did in engineering impacted all the other departments within MPI.

Alex primarily worked with our Purchasing Department and helped with our Marketing efforts as well. Alex is a student at University of Missouri and is studying finance. His expected graduation date in May of 2019. He would love to have a career in investment banking. His favorite part about working for MPI is the experience he had in a real business world environment which he mentioned was “very different from the classroom and not what he expected”.

We, at MPI, would like to thank them for their professionalism and all their hard work. We wish them luck as they finish their studies and venture into corporate America.

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Daniel Szwed - Marketing Manager

Daniel Szwed

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