One of Mechanical Power’s best competitive advantages is our engineers we have on staff both domestically and internationally to act in the best interests of our customers. Since I have been told this is unique for the role we occupy within our industry I thought I might take a moment to discuss with our engineer Jibo Zachariah just why this situation is so important.

Q: Explain to me the advantage we provide to our customers by having someone like you available to them?

Jibo: Some of our customers have no engineers on staff at all and put a lot of faith in the process that their components will be made correctly all the time. In this case, we obviously provide a very valuable service by essentially being their engineering department and heading off issues before they occur. For our customer that have engineers on their own staff, they have said that they appreciate the ability for us to provide technical support to work with to solve issues quickly and act as a second set of eyes.

Q: What kind of feedback have you heard from our customers about our ability to provide them with the type of engineering support we consistently supply?

Jibo: The combination of technical expertise and MPI’s excellence customer service allows us to deal with some unique and more difficult requests when it comes to drawing specifications and testing requirements. I have heard from multiple customers that they are pleasantly surprised at our ability to provide to them technical solutions and specific information in a capacity they were not expecting.

Q: What are you most proud of as Mechanical Power’s engineer when it comes to the service we provide for our customers?

Jibo: I believe no one will willingly jump through as many hoops as we do to make sure the customer gets exactly what they need. I also am very proud of the open communication channels we have with the technical staff of all of our customers and their buyers to make sure we are all making the best decisions for their organizations.

Daniel Szwed

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