2020 started in the same way as any other year. Normal operations continued, with high hopes and a few hiccups anticipated to keep everyone on their toes, as was the case in the past. Then came the arrival of the new normal, which fundamentally transformed our perception of the world. Because of the first, companies all over the globe came to a grinding stop, supply lines disrupted for both big and small enterprises equally, and uncertainty replaced assurance as the sole constant.

In essence, 2020 marked the emergence of a new standard. Everyone, whether on the news or in the workplace, couldn’t stop talking about how the new reality impacted companies all around the globe and how to mitigate its implications, no matter where they were. Now that the storm is winding down, we must deal with the fallout that will follow it. What we should expect in 2022, especially in the procurement industry, is unclear.

To stay on top of the latest developments and ensure your organization’s survival and success in 2022 and beyond, you must adopt a proactive, up-to-date strategy to procuring.

We need to explore the matter in the following perspectives.
How to survive and thrive in the next 12 months
Trends to keep an eye on in the next year

Review Process

Procurement executives must consider the value they bring to the table beyond simply cost reductions in order to maintain the momentum. Furthermore, procurement might begin to have an impact on how the C-suite regards their company’s commercial partnerships.

2-Way Communication

Increasing overall productivity while saving money is possible if you can you streamline internal co-operation. To further enhance supplier relationships and decrease supply chain risks, you should improve communication with external stakeholders. When and if employees deal with procurement as you deploy procurement technology, they enjoy simple and uncomplicated purchase experiences. In addition, organizations may facilitate a smooth shopping experience by leveraging the proper cooperation and communication technology.

IoT & Automation

Despite the fact that firms utilized strategic sourcing, predictive analytics, and supplier collaboration technologies to simplify the procurement process, automate tedious activities, and boost efficiency – albeit at a slower pace. By 2022, that number skyrocketed!
With the conventional brick-and-mortar office on the edge of extinction, companies of all sizes have been forced to rely more heavily on digital procurement automation solutions in order to thrive in the new normal.

Organizations of all sizes will be driven to conduct studies and employ digital procurement automation systems in order to stay adaptable and preserve market share as whole enterprises scatter.

This breakthrough in procurement automation will have an impact on different sectors, such as sourcing, contract administration, vendor relationships, payments, and so on, as companies adopt an intentional approach to digitizing what they can and liberating work from outmoded techniques.

Data Management

Error margins will be tight for new businesses starting out in 2022. To compensate for whatever losses they suffered in the last year, businesses will be making precise, surgical adjustments. And data is the best way to make wise judgments.

Instead of relying on traditional knowledge and long-established patterns to make decisions, data and analytics show trends that you can exploit to accomplish both short-term and long-term goals. Businesses that place a high value on data will have an advantage in the procurement game by 2022, as they will make better decisions based on data.

Practicality vs. Theory

Procurement’s profile as a whole is evolving along constantly. Thus, procurement teams are placing more emphasis on non-traditional soft skills as well as hard abilities. Communication, strategic thinking, and a digital mindset are usually included in the ideal procurement recruit profile. There has to be a healthy mix of fresh procurement experts and those who have been in the field for some time.

Procurement is expected to play an increasingly important role as a strategic function inside a corporation. An emphasis on digital technology and supplier synergies will continue in terms of conventional cost reductions via procurement this year. As a whole, 2022 seems to be a good year for procurement, with both problems and possibilities.

Procurement operations should be driven with conviction, rather than just following the rules. Exerting arbitrary control over stakeholders’ actions and behaviors does not foster a collaborative and effective cooperation. Procurement professionals understand that the aim of the sourcing and RFP procedures is to protect the company’s interests.

Because of this, it is critical to communicate how procedures contribute to the development and success of the business. Going the additional mile to attract others is, indeed, sometimes required, but the effort will be rewarded.

Finally, be courageous. Procurement is changing at a breakneck rate, and this may produce whiplash. Throughout the preceding two years, one thing has been constant: change. However, this indicates that there is now a window of opportunity to gain momentum and shape the course of events in the near future.

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