Reverse Engineering

Some large OEM procurement organizations believe a “distributor” is another layer of non-value added costs.  Mechanical Power differs from traditional distributors by providing several value-add services for our customers.  One such value-add service is Reverse Engineering.

Reverse Engineering is the process of creating an industrial component for a customer or prospect when all they have is a part or a concept.

Examples of when this happens is when:

  • A customer finds that a vendor who has been making the special part for years closes it’s doors without warning.
  • The OEM has been using a part for so many years that the original print is lost or the currently supplied part doesn’t match the original print.
  • An OEM has been using a standard part for years and suffering through field failures.  We work with OEM Engineering teams to design in engineering improvements and bring the improved component to the OEM for their use to improve product performance.

Reverse Engineering requires cross-functional expertise to deconstruct an item, understand its requirements, and engineer in improved performance for the OEM’s application. 

We have done Reverse Engineering for OEM customers across several industries including Agriculture, Lawn & Garden, Automotive, Conveying Solutions and other Industrial Equipment applications.

Mechanical Power’s customers team up with us to improve the performance of industrial components in the customer’s application and to drive cost savings.

One example is when a customer was told by a large domestic bearing manufacturer, that they were no longer going to manufacture two parts that were critical to the OEMs equipment.  

Unfortunately, our customer was the only company still using this style of bearing and the volumes were too low for them to continue.  The OEM had to replace this product or their production would cease until a suitable replacement was found.

With the two engineering teams working together with nothing more than a couple of samples – Mechanical Power analyzed the part, took measurements and created our own CAD/SolidWorks drawing to clearly define the requirements of the part.  

This allowed the customer to sign off on the design and provided a common base of understanding with all parties involved in providing the part to the production line for years to come.

This process is unique to Mechanical Power and resulted in meaningful hard and direct cost savings to the OEM customer and took pressure off them when they felt held hostage by a long-time manufacturer.

Reverse Engineering is a growing service segment for Mechanical Power.  Many customers are turning to us for VA/VE (Value Analysis Value Engineering) initiatives, supplier consolidation initiatives, and New Product Development (NPD) initiatives where we take a concept and make it a reality for them.

Mechanical Power is unique… most of our distributor competitors that do not have the ability to Reverse Engineer engineered components for the industries we serve.

Daniel Szwed

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