Impact of driver shortage on transportation industry - Mechanical Power Inc.

It is no surprise that truck drivers are leaving the profession. Some companies began offering $10,000 signing bonuses to attract new drivers. One of the largest issues influencing the driver shortage is the demographic of the current workforce, age and a gender.

Rail yards have long waiting lines to pick up containers so the freight companies are charging for the hours of waiting time which is difficult to verify except we are receiving these charges from many cartage companies. Rail yards are only lifting a limited amount of containers on to chassises a day and sending the drivers home.

When containers arrive at port, they are suppose to be mounted on a chassis but due to space limitation this is not the case. Potential dry runs, waiting times and lift charges are to be expected.

Many of the over the road freight companies are refusing to pick up air because of the waiting time. Companies are experiencing additional charges for various air freight issues as well from waiting times, loading and additional day deliveries. The last mile of international freight is experiencing same challenges.

Most recent Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) from the steamship line ONE:
$400.00 WC / $700.00 EC / $2500.00 IPI.

According to our new source, this only applies to “Steamship Line ONE” but we can assume other steamship lines will follow.

Daniel Szwed
Digital Marketing Manager
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