This week Kelly Blasy, our office manager is celebrating her 5 year anniversary. Her hat rack has several stems here at MPI. To say we appreciate all she does for us would be an understatement and trust me she must handle a lot behind the scenes to keep things flowing around here.

With a few questions, let’s get a little insight into our Office Manager.

Do you remember your first day at MPI?

A:  Yes, it was very eventful.  The payroll company had made an error with payroll, and we had to do an all-hands-on deck response to get it fixed.  Got to know everyone very quickly that day.

How has your job changed over the years?

A: Not too many changes but many improved processes to help us all be more efficient.

What has your experience been with company culture?

A: Love the culture here and that MPI promotes a work/life balance and really cares about us as individuals.

What is your favorite thing about working at MPI?

A: The people, the cookouts/parties and my drive to work.  I drive 12 miles each way compared to 45 like I used to do.

What is the favorite part about your job?

A: Helping the team when needed

In three words, how would a friend describe you?

A:  Funny, homebody, caring

Q: What has been you’re the biggest “lesson learned“ in the past years?

Don’t put things off

What’s your favorite sport?

A: To do – fishing, to watch – Football

Daniel Szwed

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