Dear Mechanical Power Customers,

Despite Friday’s roll-out of an Illinois “lockdown”, Mechanical Power will be operational to the extent of answering phones, emails and shipping products to our customers in the coming weeks. We supply parts with “essential” applications and as a result will be keeping customers whole with continuity of supply throughout this challenging period.

For the last week, we have limited our physical employees on site to bare essentials, have practiced social distancing, eliminated group meetings, have leaned much more on electronic communication and are taking preventative measures within our facility to ensure we are doing our part in limiting the spread of this virus.

It’s pretty clear March and at least April will be a very difficult time. We will continue to maintain command of our/your supply chains and be sure to proactively communicate any changes in the status of your inventory availability. Our team is up to date with all customers in being aligned on supply/demand status. Reach out to your Account Manager via phone, email and even our new chat function on with your inquiries, needs, etc.

Thank you for your continued business. We have great confidence in getting through this via strong supplier and customer relationships!

Brent LaLonde

Brent has spent considerable time in global supply chain operations in both manufacturing and distribution environments with a strong background in global sourcing & procurement. He’s worked for companies renowned in operating systems, kaizen continuous improvement and strategic planning cadences.