The United States has a new president with high expectations for the country. Whether it’s foreign policy, economic policy, migration issue, or handling of COVID-19 pandemic, the world and Americans want the new administration to do better. In fact, Americans want to undo a lot of changes set forth in motion by the previous administration.

Europe’s Perspective

Mostly, the world rejoiced at Biden’s victory back in November. But now, there is mountainous pressure on the administration to roll out the promised changes. Europeans believe that America under Biden’s Administration can eliminate the authoritative perception of Trump’s administration.

A survey highlights that Europeans have had a significant change of perception about America in the last four years. During Trump Administration, European countries such as France and Germany were open about the disgruntled influence of corporatism in the U.S. political system.

U.S. and China

In the next decade, China will surpass the U.S. in economic growth rate, and Europe wants to keep a close eye on the new administration and how it plans to move forward. But it’s not just about economic changes; the entire world feels the impact of the United States foreign policy.

Therefore, the world leaders are urging the new administration to take a different approach than President Trump. Although the new administration has a neutral stance on various issues, it wants to resolve the political ties with China. Obviously, tariffs are a major topic of consideration for North American manufacturers and importers alike.

Geopolitical Situation

There is, of course, a flip side to the coin. Many leaders around the world believe that the geopolitical consequences of American policies are irreversible. For instance, Washington can no longer take European support for granted when it comes to speaking out against China.

The Need for Dynamic Changes and Positions

In the next few years, it will be interesting to see how public perception throughout the world changes.  Comparatively, the most dynamic change of the new administration is that it does not intend to bully countries. But President Biden condemns and wants to penalize the actions of cyberattacks by Russia.

Hope for a Different and Better America

At the end of the day, Americans want things to go back to normal. Unfortunately, the first 90 days of the new administration have not been promising. Still, despite continuous disagreements, hopefully the Biden administration can enhance bipartisanship support on various new bills.

The world leaders, however, do not want America to readjust foreign policy without regard for consequences. Fortunately, President Biden has a much broader domestic policy that will also influence several other policies.

The perception of the U.S. would start to get better once the new administration rolls out positive initiatives on immigration. In fact, President Biden wants to accept and embrace more refugees. The corporate and progressive leaders around the world want to see the restoration of U.S. democratic values and ethical code of conduct in the foreseeable future.

Since the start of the new administration, there is a heightened optimism under President Biden’s leadership. From the unjust treatment of refugees to tarnished relationships with foreign countries, there a new ray of hope attached to the new administration, for some.

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