Quality Control

ISO Certified Company Mechanical PowerOne of Mechanical Power’s greatest asset is our attention to quality product delivered to our customer every time. We believe it is one of our top advantages we have over our competition and one of the best ways we can deliver a level of service that no one else can.


Experienced and Seasoned Quality DepartmentExperienced Quality Department

We make sure we have experienced and knowledgeable team members that are actively inspecting and evaluating incoming product to make sure we deliver only the best quality and conformance to your specifications and applications. Mechanical Power can save your organization time and money through our inspection process we perform here at our location as well as the standards to which we hold our Suppliers to.

Five Piece Inspection ProcessFive Piece Inspection Process

This is a five piece sample chosen randomly at different points in the production run. This report includes verification of adherence to dimensional tolerances, material certification, material properties test results, and supporting documentation to show conformance to drawing notes.

We Require our Suppliers to Provide us with First Article Inspection Reports
-When supplying parts for a Sample Order
-On the First Production Lot for a New Part
-The First Production Lot manufactured with a new tool or process
-The First Production Lot after a design change
-The Production Lot following a Non-Conformance

In-House Inspection ProcessIn-House Inspection Process

All new suppliers parts are subject to an incoming inspection process at Mechanical Power. The inspection size is randomly selected and a seasoned inspector verifies that the product conforms to the specification within the drawings and requirements you need.


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