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LM501349 Axle Bearing

LM501349 Axle Bearing

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LM501349 Axle Bearings are intended to aid in the smooth and silent rotation of the vehicle’s wheels. LM501349 Axle Bearings allow wheels to move with little friction while yet supporting the weight of the vehicle. They are intended to keep adequate oil clearance by enabling a thin layer of oil to develop between the moving components. These bearings provide excellent performance, stability, and dependability.

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LM501300 Series Single Cone
1 5/8" Straight Bore
0.7800" Wide
0.140" Maximum Shaft Fillet Radius
Standard Tolerance
Designed to allow car wheels to spin smoothly and quietly
Helps maintain proper oil clearance
Reduces the friction between two parts
Offers long-term reliability
Improves performance and increases tire life