Kitting Services & Sub-Assemblies

Our extensive experience working with equipment manufacturers (OEMs) has provided us with many opportunities to observe how we can save our customers time and money.  One of the easiest ways to do this is by providing a kitting service.  When we see our components being combined with other product and wheeled out to the factory floor, we naturally ask if there is a way that Mechanical Power can combine all the products together in a “Kit” before we deliver to our customer.

For example, a KBZ Bearing is being used on the production line.  Four bolts and 4 nuts supplied by vendor X are used to attach the KBZ roller bearing to the machine.  A precision ground shaft from Vendor Y is inserted through the KBZ roller bearing.  Vendor Z’s sprocket is attached to the shaft and Vendor W’s roller chain is wound around the sprocket.  Our purchasing team has to maintain 5 different vendor relationships and keep all of their inventory levels in line.  If one of the items is missing, production is halted.  All 5 items- KBZ roller bearing, fasteners, shaft, sprocket and chain must arrive at the production line at exactly the same time and in the right quantities.  Purchasing maintains safety stock on all the items to assure no stock outs.  Accounting has to match up invoices and pay 5 separate transactions.

Imagine a world where the production line worker receives a single bin that has the KBZ roller bearing, the fasteners, shaft, sprocket and chain all in one place.  And the Company received it as a complete Kit with no further expense.  This Kitting normally happens with effort from the manufacturer- an employee who can be deployed doing a more profitable job is physically kitting these things together for the production line.  Mechanical Power can deliver all of these products and more to your production line as a single Kit.

You will benefit from our kitting services in the following ways:

  • One vendor to hold accountable,
  • Lower safety stock requirements,
  • One vendor to pay.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to our kitting services is that you will save plenty of time you would otherwise spend gathering the parts together from 5 different manufacturers to assemble a single unit.  Our kitting services streamline this process and greatly reduce wasted time and the possibility of losing a part. Contact your Mechanical Power representative and ask us about our kitting services.

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