Global Product Sourcing Services For Louisiana Businesses

Mechanical Power has been a trusted provider of global product sourcing services for American businesses since we began in 1976.  Over the years, we have taken over the global product sourcing needs of businesses across industries and helped them save money and better manage their inventory.  We are headquartered in the north Chicago suburbs and can help businesses throughout the U.S., including businesses based in Louisiana.  Our sales staff has already worked with businesses in New Orleans, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lake Charles, and other areas in the state of Louisiana.  By streamlining their global product sourcing process and procuring the exact component parts they need, we have saved these businesses time and money.

Mechanical Power works with manufacturers throughout the world and we have developed professional relationships with these manufacturers which allows us to navigate between them efficiently and procure any mechanical parts needed.  We can find mechanical parts and components for conveyor systems, warehouse equipment, snow removal equipment, agricultural equipment, packaging equipment and other types of mechanical systems and industrial machinery.  Our sales staff will find the high-quality parts you need and even procure parts from different manufacturers for the same application, taking the time and hassle out of the process.  Your parts will arrive ready to install with no need for your staff to modify them any further.


Global Product Sourcing in New Orleans, Louisiana

Our global product sourcing services have helped many businesses in Louisiana efficiently source the parts they need.  You can learn more about how our services benefit businesses by checking out our client success stories.  Our global sourcing services will provide the following benefits for your business:

  • With our inventory management services, we can help cut down on your inventory which will save your company money and free up space in your warehouse.
  • We can procure any of the following mechanical parts from around the globe thanks to the professional relationships we have developed with the top domestic and international manufacturers:
    • Machine sprockets: We can find the right size and type of sprockets you need for your specific application.
    • Chains: We can source pintle chains, roller chains, and other types of chains for industrial machinery that will arrive already cut to the right size.
    • Customized bearings: Bearings are used for different purposes in a wide variety of equipment. We can find the exact bearings you need including linear bearings, roller bearings, radial bearings, and mounted bearings.
    • Modified bearing housing: We can procure housing for your bearings that will come modified to your exact specifications.
  • By sourcing the parts you need from different manufacturers all over the globe, we can save your company time, money, and the trouble of tracking down your specific parts.

Global Product Sourcing for Louisiana

Managing your global sourcing in house can take a lot of your time and resources and if it is not done efficiently, it can also end up costing your company more money than necessary.  Our relationships with manufacturers around the world allow us to locate the parts you need much more efficiently which will save you time and money.  You will be able to devote your resources to more pressing matters while our sales staff procures the parts you need and delivers them when you need them.

For more information about how our global product sourcing services can help your business in Louisiana, contact our professionals.

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