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custom-industrial-pulleyA pulley is a wheel with a groove around it for belt placement. The groove allows for a belt to turn around the circumference of the pulley. In pulley systems, the most common components include the wheel (pulley), axle, hooks and flexible belt (chain, cable, rope, etc.). Mechanical pulley systems are widely used to ease in the moving and lifting of heavy objects.

Elevators, cranes, and boats all use pulleys because they change the direction of the applied force on the belt. The cable is looped around the circumference of the pulley; therefore, the force of the object on one end of the cable can loop around the pulley to the other end.

Pulleys are also designed for power transmission, along with torque and speed across axles. Belts and pulleys are more desired over gears due to their ability to transmit power through the belt either via friction or teeth, over larger distances and in constricted spaces.

We have several years of experience supplying industry standard pulleys (AK, BK, idler, single and multi-groove, etc.) and custom pulleys per print. We serve OEMs in industries including agricultural, conveyor, material movement, packaging, and industrial machinery.

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