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forging-component-parts-supplier-chicago-ilWhat is Forging?

Forging is a manufacturing process that shapes metal using pressure and forces.  The forces are exerted using a hammer or a die.  Frequently the process is thought of in its most basic terms- a smithy in a medieval movie pounding heated steel on an anvil to form a horseshoe, sword, shield or armor.  Modern forged parts are used in machines and mechanisms when a component requires strength.

Forging can produce a part that is stronger than the cast or machined part.  This is due to the steel or iron being shaped during the forging process which alters the internal grain structure.  Steel and Iron are almost always hot forged because this process prevents work hardening.  This allows for additional processes or secondary operations to the forged part.  The part can then be heat treated to the desired hardness.

Alternatively, a part can be cold forged to give it additional strength during the process.  This is particularly effective if the part is complete after the forging process.

There are several types of processes that fall in the Forging category:

  • Press Forging– continuous pressure or force
  • Upset Forging– increases the diameter or the product by compressing its length (nails, fasteners, etc.)
  • Roll Forging– flat bar is rolled between cylindrical rolls to increase the length of the product.
  • Drop Forging– a hammer is raised and dropped to deform the metal into a die.
  • Others- Induction forging, Multidirectional forging, Isothermal forging.

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