Do you do more than just bearings?

Mechanical Power - FAQsOf course we do more than bearings. We can provide you with a wide array of industrial components complete with custom specifications, after market alterations, kitting services, and the best customer service you will ever experience. Here is a link to our products and services so you can check them out for yourself.


Don’t you only source product Internationally?

Our expertise has been built on sourcing product internationally but we also have long and deep rooted relationships with local sources.

Why can’t you just give me a quote?

Our specialty and success involves advising our customers on many aspects of sourcing the inventory you need. Because of this, we are extra diligent to gather all information from freight, after market customization, application, and much more about what you require which can all have an effect on your bottom line.

Can you provide us with a sample for testing?

Nothing would please us more to provide you with a sample for testing. True to our advising nature we will ask you for your test protocol and duration before we deliver your sample and kindly ask for feedback once your testing is complete.

Why do I have to give you a price target?

Providing us with price targets allows us the ability to negotiate with our many suppliers to be within the range that you need for the quality you deserve. This also confirms for us if we are providing the correct specific part and if we are truly a good match for what you need.

How can you decrease my inventory cost?

We have facility space at our location and will house your inventory which will remain here until you are ready for it by releasing just what you need when you need it. This eliminates your lead time considerably. We also work in tandem with your purchasing department to obtain projected usage and needs and allow for flexibility in your stated nominations to be ready for actual usage fluctuations.

What do you mean you can help me manage my inventory?

Every month your dedicated Account Manager will perform a Customer Inventory Analysis (CIA) which compares your provided forecast with your actual usage. The disparities in these numbers will be discussed with you and your purchasing team, especially if your usage is increasing at a higher rate than projected to make sure we have inventory ready to accommodate for your increased need.

What can you do to ensure my stock while I transition to you as my new supplier?

We will work with you and your purchasing team to review your existing stock and your immediate needs. If you will need replenishing, we have many domestic resources we utilize to keep you up and running during the transition. We will make your switch to us so easy you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner…

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