David Hernandez

David Hernanded Materials Manager

David Hernandez
Materials Manager
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Work Experience – I have been in supply chain for 5 years specializing in manufacturing and demand planning. Throughout my years in supply chain I have gained experience with inventory management as well as project management.

What we do better – Although I have only been here a matter of months, MPI has great working relationships with their customers which allows us to be competitive in the marketplace.

What makes me excited to work for MPI – The atmosphere at MPI is unlike any other office environment. People have your back and are willing to drop what they are doing and support you in any way possible. MPI treats its employees as family and crucial parts of their business being successful.

Achievements – I received my BA from Western Illinois University. Graduated Elmhurst College in 2019 with an MBA with a focus on Project Management. I have also received my green belt certification in Six Sigma.

Interesting about me – I am a diehard Cub fan, I experiment with brewing my own beer and I love throwing darts and ping pong. I love dogs and my wife and I have a 5 year old chocolate lab and a 1 year old lab mix.