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Better Product Quality, Shorter Lead Times, and Component Cost Savings

Frequently additional costs to obtain parts for your projects can be overlooked and are a great way for Mechanical Power to provide you with better component quality, less hassle, and save you money. This is an example of one of those situations.

Let’s Source This Ourselves…Customizable-global-product-sourcing-solutions-chicago-il

One of our customers was sourcing 4 bolt flanges themselves internationally in order to “save” money on the initial purchasing cost of the physical engineered product. Once the parts arrived they had to utilize their own resources to drill out the bolt holes to fit their application. They were also paying for freight, labor, and materials to ship them to and from Iowa to be painted.

Mechanical Power’s Global Sourcing Team to the Rescue…

After working with our product sourcing Territory Manager along with our Deployment Team of Account Managers, Engineers, and Quality Managers we were able to acquire all the information we needed in order to deliver to their door a product that was already in its completed form ready for use.

A Finished Product to Your Doorstep…

Following communication with our suppliers and utilizing our capabilities to source exactly what they needed we were able to provide them with a completely finished product that was exactly built to specificity with the exact size of the bolt holes they needed, painted to the exact color and consistency for their application and were able to increase the overall quality of the product itself delivered straight to their location when needed.

50% in Completed Component Cost Savings…

This minimized their lead time to acquire a part ready for use, saved them labor costs from having to utilize their own resources, and also saved them freight costs for shipping the parts to and from Iowa for painting. After calculation this equated to over 50% in costs savings for a completed part.

How Can We Save You Time and Money on Your Sourced Products…

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