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Brent LaLonde

Brent LaLonde
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Brent has spent considerable time in global supply chain operations in both manufacturing and distribution environments with a strong background in global sourcing & procurement. He’s worked for companies renowned in operating systems, kaizen continuous improvement and strategic planning cadences.

According to Brent, “Mechanical Power has vast capabilities, is well respected externally by the customer and supply bases and is simply easy and fun to do business with! We have an exceptional team at Mechanical Power more concerned about making good things happen for the group (Customers, Suppliers, Employees) than themselves. We spend a lot of time with co-workers and here at Mechanical Power we make sure to enjoy it!”

Brent hails from metro Detroit which means he’s a gearhead dedicated to 8 cylinders or more and three pedals on the floor, loves all kinds of music and spends as much time with his family as possible (wife, 4 y/o daughter, 2 y/o son). He’s also a very proud (perhaps overly) Michigan State alumnus.

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