Mechanical Power Success Stories: Teflon Chains for Industrial Shredder - Mechanical Power Success Stories: Teflon Chains for Industrial Shredder

Since our beginning, Mechanical Power has been committed to helping our clients by providing solutions for their global sourcing needs that save them time and money.  Everyone from our sales staff to our engineers will take the time to understand the specific needs of our customers and use our expertise and numerous resources to come up with an effective solution.  Whether that solution is using a different material for a specific part or packaging multiple parts used for one purpose into a single kit, we will streamline your operations and ultimately help your bottom line.

Case Study: Industrial Shredder Manufacturer

We have many success stories in which our experts have come up with a sourcing solution that has saved time and money for our clients.  In this specific case, we were working with a client who manufactures industrial shredders, or waste crushing machines.  This client supplies companies in the distribution industry with these large industrial shredders and they are used to compact packaging waste.  The industrial shredders are large enough to hold a lot of waste, saving money for companies in the distribution industry because the waste will need to be removed from their facilities less often.


Mechanical Power’s global product sourcing solutions span industries, including industrial shredders, compactors & grinders

The Issue: The Chain

The one issue that our client was having with their industrial shredders was with the chain.  The chains they were using in their shredders were noisy and they would stretch in about 9 months and need to be replaced.  The client wanted a chain with a longer life and less noise so that their customers would not have to replace the chains as often.

The Solution

Our chain engineering specialist worked with our client to understand the specifications of the chain for the machine, including the loading and lubrication requirements.  After evaluating the specifications, we proposed that our client switches to a special “Teflon” coated chain to be installed in the shredder.  This specially designed chain has better noise reduction qualities than the previous chain type and the Teflon will last up to two years before stretching as opposed to 9 months.  Mechanical Power also keeps Teflon coated chains in our inventory, so they are always available to our client right when they are needed.

The client has been using these specialty chains in their industrial shredders for almost 2 years and they have been happy with the noise reduction characteristics and the performance of the chain.  By switching to a more durable specialty chain for the application, we saved our client money because they do not have to stock as many replacement chains and saved them the time it would take to service the machines when the chains needed to be replaced more often.  We can also supply our client with the Teflon chains in less time because we keep them in our inventory.

Global. Sourcing. Simplified.

This is just one of the many instances in which our professionals helped our client find a solution that saved on production and maintenance costs.  No matter your global sourcing needs, our team is ready to work with you to come up with efficient, cost-effective solutions that help your bottom line.

Call Mechanical Power at (847) 487-0070 or contact us to learn more about our global sourcing and engineering services.  You can also read out other client success stories to see how we have benefited businesses like yours.



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