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Adjective: of, relating to, or involving the entire world

To be successful, you need a partner that has the ability to source globally as well as domestically to meet your customers’ demands.  Mechanical Power has the factory direct relationships that will continue to provide you with the products you need during a very trying time in global sourcing.  The weakening dollar combined with the environmental initiative in China, and rising raw material costs, will test even the most long-standing relationships.  For over 40 years, Mechanical Power has built relationships both domestically and globally to ensure that you have access to the parts you need.


Noun: the buying of components of a product from an outside supplier, often one located abroad

The global industrial environment is reliant on relationships.  Those relationships afford Mechanical Power the ability to actually complete the process of obtaining the parts needed in this challenging environment.  We provide you the POWER to make promises YOUR customers.


Verb:  to diminish in scope or complexity

Time and material management are essential components in successful businesses.  By managing your inventory needs, both in procurement and storage, Mechanical Power affords you the ability to concentrate on your customers constantly changing needs.

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A three-word promise.  A three-word commitment.  A three-word action plan.
Three words that allow Mechanical Power to take the hassle out of the global sourcing of industrial components for original equipment manufacturers.


Douglas Zwiener

CEO Contact Us I have had the privilege of working with the professionals at Mechanical Power for over 7 years. My responsibility is to set direction/vision and assemble the best possible team to execute the plan and provide the best possible customer experience. I am proud of the current team that will provide great customer service for years to come.