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Heavy-Duty Bearing Housing

At Mechanical Power, we pride ourselves on not only sourcing the exact components our clients need for their equipment and machinery through our global sourcing services, but also on finding solutions when a client has a mechanical issue.  Our in-house engineers work with our clients to help come up with a solution for their mechanical issues, even when we design a custom part to make their equipment work better.  We pay close attention to the needs of our clients and use our in-house resources, as well as our relationships with top manufacturers around the world, to find effective solutions that save time and money.


Thousands of different bearings are in use every day in the agricultural industry in order to bring food to your table.

Case Study: Bearing Housing for Agricultural Equipment

Mechanical Power has clients that depend on our global product sourcing services across industries, including the agricultural industry.  In this case study, we were working with a long-time Mechanical Power client that manufactures agricultural machinery.  It is very important for agricultural machinery to work efficiently because farmers depend on their machinery to plant and harvest their crops.  If there is a problem with the machines, there is a higher risk of breakdown, causing farmers expensive delays and downtime.

The Issue: The Bearing Housing

For the past 25 years, our client has been using a high quality FYH Japanese roller bearing insert that was recommended by Mechanical Power.  The problem with using this particular bearing was that it required a heavy-duty bearing housing to work properly.  Within the machine, the space for the bearing housing was tight and would only fit a medium-duty bearing housing design.  Our staff had to come up with a way to get a bearing housing with heavy-duty capabilities into a footprint much smaller than that of a typical heavy-duty housing.

The other issue we needed to resolve in this situation was a logistical issue.  The roller bearing and the bearing housing came from two different manufacturers in Asia, and they could not be assembled overseas before shipment.  Both the roller bearing and the bearing housing needed to be shipped to the United States for assembly before the products could be sent to our client.

The Solution

Our in-house engineering and design department worked with the engineers overseas to make the special heavy-duty bearing housing that can handle this roller bearing and fit into the small space within the machines.  The special housing was made by our factory partner overseas and sent to our facility in Wauconda, IL to be assembled with the FYH roller bearing.  Our engineers assembled the housing with the bearing and did field tests with our client to perfect the performance metrics of the housing and ensure that it met their exact specifications.  It has been more than 15 years and our specially designed heavy-duty bearing housing continues to exceed the performance demands of our customer.

The addition of our specially designed heavy-duty bearing housing made the machinery produced by our client much more dependable for their customers.  Our client does not have to spend the time and resources servicing their equipment if the housing is insufficient and their customers save money by not having to pay for maintenance as often.  We also helped our client save time and money by bringing the parts to our facility and assembling the housing ourselves so that they get the bearing and housing ready for installation.

Global. Sourcing. Simplified.

Our staff at Mechanical Power loves helping our long-time clients find solutions like this that can save them time and money and help them provide a more dependable product for their customers.  We are also able to help streamline the process by finding the parts needed from different manufacturers and assembling them ourselves right here in Wauconda, IL.

If you want to learn more about how Mechanical Power can help simplify your product sourcing needs, contact us today.  View our other client success stories for more examples of how we can help keep your global sourcing simplified.

Douglas Zwiener

CEO Contact Us I have had the privilege of working with the professionals at Mechanical Power for over 7 years. My responsibility is to set direction/vision and assemble the best possible team to execute the plan and provide the best possible customer experience. I am proud of the current team that will provide great customer service for years to come.