How Mechanical Power Helps the World Work with Bearings - How Mechanical Power Helps the World Work with Bearings

Mechanical component; bearings

Our staff at Mechanical Power is well aware of the impact that our services have on many of the basic operations that make the world as we know it work.  Many things that we do in our daily lives including driving would not be possible without a very important component; bearings.  Bearings are also an important component in different types of machinery as well as other vehicles like planes and trains.  In this video, we discuss how our goal of keeping Global. Sourcing. Simplified. helps us support manufacturing, transportation, and other industries by supplying bearings.  You can watch the video below and be sure to check out our YouTube channel for the latest videos from Mechanical Power.

In this video, we discuss how important bearings are in so many areas of our lives.  The basic purpose of bearings is to minimize friction between moving parts to turn power into motion.  Because of this, bearings are found in everything from tractors, planes, and vehicles to manufacturing equipment and conveyor systems.  The planes, trains, and automobiles that get you to work and allow you to visit friends and family, the agricultural equipment that gets food to your table, and the manufacturing equipment that allows a range of products to be produced and shipped all depend on bearings to function smoothly.

Mechanical Power is a trusted bearing supplier that can source a wide range of bearings for many different industries.  We have supplied bearings for the agricultural industry, conveyor systems, packaging equipment, lawn equipment, warehouse equipment, and other types of industrial machinery.  We have business relationships with bearing manufacturers all over the globe and our professionals can navigate between these manufacturers to find the bearings you need for your specific application.  This saves your company the time it takes to reach out to the different manufacturers and money spent on the wrong parts.

We know how important bearings are for keeping our world moving.  We are dedicated to sourcing the right bearings to suit the needs of our clients and ensure that our world continues to work.  Our staff takes the hassle out of the sourcing process and navigates between different manufacturers to find the specific bearings that you need.  The simplified sourcing we provide supports the mechanical processes that we all use daily to get around and to do our jobs.

World map with cogwheels

Bearings make the world work. Mechanical Power makes bearings work for you.

Mechanical Power can provide product sourcing services for the following types of bearings:

  • Roller bearings including cylindrical bearings, needle bearings, spherical bearings, and taper bearings
  • Linear bearings
  • Radial bearings
  • Mounted bearings including pillow block bearings, and 2-bolt and 4-bolt flange bearings
  • Plain bearings

Our product sourcing services consist of the following:

We hope that this video gives you a better understanding of our vision when it comes to product sourcing and how we do work that affects the world at large.  Check out our Mechanical Power YouTube channel to catch our newest videos.



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