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In May, we featured a blog about engineering student Zachary Nall who reached out to Mechanical Power to source the sprockets and chains he needed to complete his battlebot.  Zachary built his battlebot to participate in a competition put on by the engineering department at his school.  While the competition didn’t turn out as expected, the battlebot turned out according to Zachary’s plan and is capable of causing serious destruction to opponents and materials.


Mechanical Power sponsors and helps assist with sourcing parts of the infamous “Doomba” for a student battlebot competition

The Battlebot Competition

When Zachary reached out to us this past spring, he was excited to build a battlebot that he could enter into a competition at his school.  He just needed a few parts to finish building the battlebot, which he dubbed Doomba, as he designed it.  From his detailed 3-D models, we were able to determine the size and type of sprockets and chains he needed to complete the build.  We were impressed by Zachary’s design as well as his passion and excitement for the project.  Our team was happy to help Zachary get the parts he needed, and we were just as excited to see the finished product.

On the day of the competition, the opponent did not show, resulting in a forfeit win for the Doomba.  In place of the main event, the Doomba fought against the lower weight class robots and with resounding success.  While the competition did not take place as originally planned, Zachary was still able to show the destructive power of the Doomba he created.


“Doomba” vs other battlebots

How Mechanical Power Helped

Zachary, the “self-proclaimed engineer, amateur rocket scientist and roboticist,” reached out to Mechanical Power during the building stages of the Doomba.  He sent us detailed 3-D models that showed exactly which parts he needed; two 8mm sprockets, two ½” sprockets, and two 16-inch chain loops.  Our sales team was easily able to source the parts and they were sent to Zachary ready to install.  These parts allowed him to finish the final stage of the assembly.

Once Zachary received and installed his parts, he expressed his excitement with how the project is coming along; “Our platform is looking downright viscous as the rest of the parts come together in its final form.  The competition won’t know what hit them!”

Demonstrating the Doomba

After the competition for the Doomba was a no show and the Doomba spent the competition easily defeating smaller battlebots, Zachary still had a desire to cause some destruction.  His school allowed him, his partner, and his professor access to a walled in outside area with concrete floors to test out the Doomba.  They tested the Doomba’s destructive power on engine housings for wheelchairs and lawnmowers that they had on hand.  In the video below, you can see the Doomba in action as it easily tears through the engine housings.

While the Doomba did not get to go up against its opponent in the main event, the design and build of the Doomba was still a success.  We hope that one day the Doomba can face its true test against a worthy opponent in a battlebots competition.

Mechanical Power was very happy to help Zachary with this unique project.  We are proud to have a part in the building of the Doomba and happy to see a young engineering student like Zachary who is so passionate about the STEM disciplines.

“We hope to make a statement for not only this course but the program as a whole that our generation still loves applied engineering, programming, and mathematics.  Skills that many people take for granted.  This is something I’ve been passionate about my entire life, and I make it known through the effort and care I give to everything I do here.”

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