Mechanical Power Helps the Agricultural Industry Bring Food to Your Table - Mechanical Power Helps the Agricultural Industry Bring Food to Your Table
At Mechanical Power, we not only think about how our services benefit our clients, but also how our services help benefit the greater community.  In our latest video on our new YouTube channel, we discuss how keeping our promise of Global. Sourcing. Simplified. helps the agricultural industry get food from the farm to your table.  Watch our new video below and visit our YouTube channel to see other videos from Mechanical Power.


This video was made with the help of Synthesis Creative of Los Angeles.  Their professionals managed the scripts, stock footage, lighting and editing to create a well-produced video that gets our message across.  As always, we are happy to have worked with these talented professionals.

In this video, we discuss our product sourcing vision when it comes to the agricultural industry.  A lot of machinery is needed within the agricultural industry and the machinery requires component parts including roller bearings, worm gears, and roller chains to function.  We help those in the agricultural industry source the parts they need to keep their equipment working properly so they can continue with their work that brings food to your table.

One piece of machinery may need several different parts sourced from different manufacturers.  At Mechanical Power, we can source the products needed from domestic and international manufacturers to ensure that our clients get the exact parts they need.  Our navigation of the manufacturers to source the parts saves our clients time and money.  Our customers in the agricultural industry can trust that they are receiving the high-quality parts they need from Mechanical Power.

As we mentioned in the video, product sourcing for the agricultural industry is about more than making sure our customer gets the right parts.  It’s about helping the farmers and their families know that they can count on their equipment.  And it’s about families like yours that count on the food from the farm making it to your dinner table.  Our hard work today allows you to gather with your family for dinner tomorrow.

Mechanical Power can provide sourcing solutions for the following parts for the agricultural industry:

  • Disc harrow bearings
  • Pintle chains
  • Agricultural bearings
  • Worm gears
  • Bevel gears
  • Gear reduction

Our full product sourcing services include:

We hope this video has given you a better understanding of our product sourcing vision and how our work affects more than just our customers.  Make sure you visit our YouTube channel for the latest videos from Mechanical Power.



Douglas Zwiener

CEO Contact Us I have had the privilege of working with the professionals at Mechanical Power for over 7 years. My responsibility is to set direction/vision and assemble the best possible team to execute the plan and provide the best possible customer experience. I am proud of the current team that will provide great customer service for years to come.